Monday, November 25, 2013

Jennifer McGuire Ink - Favourite Things 2013

Jennifer McGuire is featuring her favourite crafty things on her blog & YouTube channel. So far she's talked about:
Wonderful blogger, Our Change of Art - she recapped her favourite cards from 2012 here.

FYI...Nutritionist in the Kitch - fave blogs 

FYI - Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Database

Neem Blend - eczema, etc. by di erbe

Healthy foods - Generation Green blog

Wine App's
Wine 100 point rating scale
"Because I'm limited to a certain amount of space in the paper, it seems more productive/useful for me to write about wines that I think are worth trying, so you probably won't see many wines rated less than 80 in the paper. I typically try to find redeeming qualities in wines I write about; if a wine is well-made and has potential for people to enjoy, that's probably good enough for a lower-80s score to me. Wines that over-deliver relative to their price point will typically rank anywhere from 87 to 91ish. If a wine is simply outstanding and/or shows the potential to be cellared for a while and mature into a thing of beauty, then we're looking at 90ish points and up."

and her excellent pinterest board:

BLOG design:
Carrie Loves
How to add official Pinterest widget gadget on Blogger by codeitpretty.
Here's her tutorial for the unofficial Pinterest gadged widget.


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